Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Well...I am trying to write at least every couple of days...but sometimes I really struggle to come up with something to say! It does seem like the same ole, same ole a lot of the time, ya know? I had intended to write about Paige's birthday party, but she beat me to the punch...I will say though that I impressed myself with the way I pulled that little shindig together in 24 hours, AND she was surprised!! Yay Mom!!

Now, all our family's birthdays are over until May... we start the buildup to the holidays...with Nutcracker it will be a very busy holiday season this year! Rehearsals begin this weekend, which basically means our nice lazy weekends are over for a while. Oh well, it was nice while it lasted!

Clay seems to have turned over a new leaf - studying hard, getting exra help from the teachers after school, really trying to get his grades back up (it's about time!). I guess I really shouldn't say anything about him getting a bit crazy with the massive surge of hormones...people in glass houses, etc.!!:)

So...another boring post - well, we lead boring lives, what can I say? I'll work on creating a little excitement so we have something to write about....
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