Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Well...the kids are finally off at school, and I am exhausted! Mornings around here are just so crazy...by the time the kids are dressed, groomed, fed, lunches made, pets fed, beds made, rooms cleaned, homework gathered, etc. etc....I am SO READY for a cup of coffee and a few quiet minutes!!

On today's agenda: Paige is leaving for an overnight "team building" field trip in the morning - she will be back on Friday...so I have to pack, and possibly shop for her. I have left the packing until the very last moment and so am not sure if I have everything she needs or not. Clay also has the same type of field trip in two weeks, but he camps in the mountains of N.C. I think I will take a little peek at his list to see if there is anything he will be needing as well! Anyway...Tim is leaving for another trip this morning so it will just be Clay and I for a couple of days. I'm thinking this is a good thing...I get the feeling Clay is floundering a bit this year and maybe he needs a bit of bonding time with Mom! SO, after packing for Paige I will go the the grocery store and stock up on some teenage boy food. The way to a boy's heart, etc. etc. I'm hoping a full stomach will lead to some enlightening (for me) conversations about what is going through his head! Then again, maybe I don't want to know!! Oh well, those are my plans for the day (and week). I must say that I am looking forward to a break from driving downtown for ballet!!
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