Thursday, August 27, 2009

Early mornings. Ugh.

O-dark-thirty...when we leave the house in the morning...ugh! I have relaxed my "no caffeine until you are finished growing" rule and am letting Clay have a cup (with a LOT of cream!) in the mornings. I must say that I am quite impressed with how well he is doing with setting his alarm and getting up in the morning. Tim and I got up with him the first couple of days - but now I am asking him to just wake me up about 15 minutes before we need to leave. He has also been very responsible about coming home and getting right to work on his homework...dare I hope that he has turned over a new leaf?? Time will tell....

Paige's school does not start until 9:30...she leaves the house at 9:00 to catch the bus, so SHE gets to sleep in! She is loving it, too!! Although I really dislike these opposite schedules - I am enjoying spending some time with Paige in the mornings - without rushing!

Tim left for a three day Tokyo trip yesterday. He will be home Saturday night. Tonight is the open house at the high school - I am looking forward to meeting Clay's teachers and hearing about what he will learning this year. I started cleaning out his closet yesterday (I'm wondering what part of "no food in the bedrooms" he doesn't understand??!!) and hopefully I will finish it up and get his room and desk and closet and drawers all organized today!
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