Friday, August 28, 2009

Paige has something to say....

I haven't written in the blog in a LONG time!!! Since before we went to France!! When we first got to France, the customs line was really long because somebody lost their luggage. Then we picked up Simon and Louise's brother, Gabriel at the train station and then we all drove about 300 miles to Clermont Ferrand which is also where Michelin is based. After spending the night there, we went to Vulcania and then drove another couple of hours to their house in St. Martin d'Aout. We swam and ate our first REAL French meal. Their house was really old, but cool. I liked some of the food (quiche, meringues, soups, the cheese, sausages) but I didn't care for other foods ( mashed corn, couscous with a sauce, salad that was just spinach leaves). My favorite thing that we did was the ziplining from trees. My least favorite thing was the go-karting because I had never done it before and I was so scared that I was going to crash, that I was going really, really slow and I STILL CRASHED!!

School is .... school. I don't like it, I don't hate it. Lunches are good, but the salads have brown lettuce and sometimes the food looks more like pig slop. My favorite class in Language Arts because Mrs. Teel is really cool!! My least favorite class is probably Science because (1) I already did the same stuff last year and (2) the teacher is kind of boring. Maybe it will get better. I hope so.

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