Sunday, August 16, 2009

It has been a very busy weekend. Tim arrived home Friday night after we got 5 inches of rain in about 2 hours and everything flooded...our creek overflowed and was all over our driveway and yard...but apparently it was widespread here in Orange Park - drainage problems. With two storms out there in the Atlantic and one in the Gulf...I certainly hope they get these "drainage" problems fixed quickly! Yikes! Anyway, Tim arrived home Friday night, and yesterday he was busy trying to fix our toilet (which decided to break), then we had Clay's taekwondo party here at our house. Today he has been busy clearing all the debris from the yard and putting up a new mailbox. Clay has been a big help, so we rewarded him with a little fishing time...and look what he caught!

The kids and I went to church this morning while Tim was trying to fix everything around the house, and then I dropped Paige at a friend's house for a sleepover. Her friend Courtlyn (who has been her best friend since they were three years old) wanted to have a sleepover to introduce Paige to her friends, so that Paige will know some people when she starts at her new school next week. Isn't that sweet? I made a run to Target (it seems like a good time to stock up on batteries!!) and then to the Farmer's Market at Whole Foods...I bought all sorts of yummy, healthy stuff - cucumbers, carrots, tomatoes, honey, homemade dill pickles, plums, and a big pineapple. I was so inspired by my bounty (and felt so guilty for eating hamburgers, baked beans, chips, etc. yesterday...) that I made a big ol' salad with homemade honey-balsamic vinaigrette for dinner.

Tim has to go to work again tomorrow - poor guy...he only had two days off and has basically spent them repairing stuff around the house! I need to schedule back to school haircuts for the kids and get some school supplies and possibly make a run to Costco. And that's it!
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