Thursday, August 6, 2009

MORE photos.....

Last night Tim and I took a bottle of wine to the Champs de Mar by the Eiffel Tower and drank it and waited for the Tower to light up....
It was beautiful, and a balmy, breezy evening.....perfectly lovely.
Today we took a train ride to a medieval town about an hour and a half away from Paris. It was quaint and pretty (and OLD!)...and we had a fabulous day. Although, if I am being honest - I have to say that my feet are killing me! Lots and lots of walking - most of it up very steep hills.
The photo above is the ramparts of from the 12th or 13th century.
This is the view from Caesar's Tower....
Caesar's Tower
We watched a Knight's Tournament - which was wonderful (100 times better than Medieval Times in Orlando!!)

Tomorrow we will do more Paris stuff, and then head over to the TGV station at the airport to meet the kids....YAY....I can't wait to see them! Saturday (hopefully) we will get on a plane and fly home....wish us luck!

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