Friday, October 15, 2010

Happiness is...

1.  It's Friday!

2.  I stuck a pair of these in and took a melatonin last night, and was able to get a good night's sleep.  I slept until 8:00 am and feel rested and fabulous!  Best of all, the huge craters that have been residing underneath my eyes have faded to a dim shadow which I have managed to cover successfully with makeup.
3.  It's payday!

4.  Mr. Wonderful has agreed to spend the day with me running errands...

5.  One of the errands is to this place where I have a $10 coupon.  

I love this store anyway, but a $10 coupon makes me love it even more!

6.  Mr. Wonderful has offered to take me to lunch at my favorite restaurant.  I won't name names, but it starts with a PF and ends with a Changs.

7.  It is a GORGEOUS day here in north Florida...highs in the upper 70's, clear blue skies...a chamber of commerce day!  It's hard not to be happy on a day like this.

8.  There will be a change coming to the look of this blog in the next few days...and I am as excited about it as a kid waiting for Santa Claus!

Happy Friday, everyone!

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