Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Kids say the darnedest things...

He hasn't always been quite sure about his little sister.

And she hasn't always been receptive to his overtures of sweet, big brotherly protectiveness (which, admittedly, can sometimes be interpreted at bossiness).

When she started at the "big kid's" side of the school, he informed everyone that that was his little sister and he told her to let him know if anyone gave her a hard time.  Every time she saw him at school she would run over and hug him, and he would hug her back.

He showed her things - like how to dig for donax at the beach, and how to catch a lizard, and how to throw a castnet.  He taught her how to play soccer (because she was always dancing) and how to play chess.

Because we don't live in a typical neighborhood with other kids, they were best friends.  She reads in the hammock while he fishes (to keep him company).  She forgave him, mostly, for using her Barbie dolls as bait.

They are best friends.

They argue...but they are best friends.

The other night C told me that he knew why P didn't have a boyfriend.  I asked him why and he replied, "Because all the boys know they'll have to deal with me and they're afraid of me."

I smiled, and he continued, "I'm not letting her date until she's 20!"


P was laughing hysterically the other night.  Every time she would start to catch her breath she would start giggling uncontrollably again.  We asked her what she was laughing about and she explained that she had heard the funniest joke that day.  We asked her to share it with us, and once she stopped giggling she said, "Have you seen the movie Constipation?"

We looked at each other and shrugged.

"Uh, no..."

"That's because it hasn't come out yet!!!"



Mr. Wonderful and I are a bit concerned about her sense of humor.
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