Friday, October 22, 2010

Karma Chameleon? name is Mommy Dearest and I am addicted to volunteering.  Anytime someone asks for volunteers I always, always, always pipe up with, "I'll do it."

I don't know why I always do this.

I need to learn to say no.

Or not say anything at all.  

Today is supposed to be a holiday - no school for the kids.  And I volunteered for The Girl and I to help participate in a fundraiser for the Florida Ballet (where she trains).  It's a great, worthwhile project.  It is.  But....Instead of P dressing up in a Nutcracker costume, and us driving in to a department store, and staying for two hours selling tickets to a charity sale (all proceeds benefit the Florida Ballet), and driving home and getting stuck in the inevitable NAS traffic jam (which will be worse than usual because of the airshow this weekend), we COULD be out in the boat with Mr. Wonderful and the boy enjoying a beautiful day out on the lake.


It's a good cause.  It is.

It's just that it is such a gorgeous day...

Oh well - I'm earning karma points, right?

Anyway.  Our other weekend plans include making our annual batch of homemade applesauce...and taking a trip to a pumpkin patch to buy pumpkins so the kids can carve them for C's Halloween party next week.

Yep.  That's right - I told The Boy he could have friends over for a Halloween/Bonfire party.  Because I love to volunteer my time and my house.  

I will also spend the weekend perusing recipes for cool, scary looking food like this...
and this...
and this...

Because, you know, chips out of a bag would be ridiculous at a teen party, right?

And we will also be making "ghosts" out of cheesecloth and liquid starch this weekend...

Because the aforementioned teens will really appreciate the effort I put into it, right?  

Plus I'll be doing the perpetual, incessant, ridiculous laundry.  And cleaning the house, which once again has tumbleweeds of pet hair cavorting through the hallways and behind furniture. 

So, just to recap, this weekend I will...

*do the volunteering gig
*make applesauce with the kids (which means they will start it and I will have to finish it)
*clean the house
*do the ridiculous, monotonous laundry
*look for recipes for C's party
*make ghosts
*go to the pumpkin patch and get pumpkins
*Get the kids to carve the pumpkins (which means they will start it and I will have to finish it)
* take the girl to Nutcracker rehearsal

I am ridiculous.

What are you doing this weekend?

UPDATE:  No good deed goes unpunished...

The Girl and I gathered up all the costume pieces, and put makeup on her, and put her hair in a bun.  We drove the 20 minutes to the department store.  We walked around and finally located someone to ask where we should go.  We were informed that no one let them know we would be there (!) and so we couldn't do it because another charity was already working the table.  We left and drove the 20 minutes home again.


One the plus side, I did manage to get some pictures of P in the costume...
even though she clearly did not feel like cooperating with me...

I was determined that I was at least going to get some pictures of her!

She gave in, grudgingly. you think I still get my karma points?

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