Thursday, October 7, 2010

The one where the family has a playdate (and Lucy makes a new friend)

Lucy had an exciting afternoon yesterday.  She started prancing around and got all excited when Princess P got her leash out, but unfortunately...
Hey!  You tricked me!

Oh no...not THIS again.

I don't like baths.  

C'mon now...this is just humiliating.

I didn't smell THAT bad.

Hey - that tickles.  Stop it.

Huh.  You just humiliated me and washed my nice dog smell away, and you want me to SMILE?  Are you kidding me?

That wasn't the end of the fun for the day though.  About an hour after the bath (and after she had recovered from her humiliation), Lucy had a "playdate" with Lily!

Come here....I wanna sniff your butt!!

Lily acted like an old lady and tried to smell every single smell in the yard, and Lucy raced around the yard like a puppy showing off.  I'm sure poor old Lily was thinking, "Dumb show-offy young whippersnapper!"

Where ya going? Huh?  Let's play!

Do YOU wanna play ball?

The playdate went so well that Lily will come back over this weekend for a sleepover while her family goes to Disney World.  

They look positively thrilled about the prospect don't they?

The 10th graders also hung out...

And so did the 8th graders...

Oh...and so did the Moms.

Playdates are fun.  We should have them more often.

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