Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day, plus a recap of the weekend

Our weekend was quiet and boring, yet still jam packed with a motley assortment of stuff!

The Boy spent quite a lot of time on his computer working on his science project.
He also started a blog. He wanted me to tell you all that he especially hopes that those of you who appreciated his jokes (which I have occasionally shared on this blog) will stop to visit. Then he asked me if he had to be "politically correct" on his blog. I said that he had to be at least a little bit politically correct. Who knows how he will interpret that though - so beware!

The Princess also worked on schoolwork...
While Lucy took a lot of naps and shed a lot of hair. I predict that a visit to the groomer and a haircut are in her future...
Gus also took a lot of naps. He also shed an enormous amount of fur. Methinks he might also be getting an unattractive summer haircut. Because Mommie Dearest is completely and unequivocally sick and tired of cleaning up pet hair!
And Jack just followed everyone around and wanted to jump into our laps so we could pet and admire him constantly.
He has a very high opinion of himself...and he thinks everyone else should too!

The weather this weekend was beautiful, albeit a bit chilly. We had brilliant blue, sunny skies and highs of around 60 degrees. The Boy decided that it was a veritable heat wave and decided to work on his tan.

He took off his shirt, grabbed a book and went to lie down...
in the middle of the driveway!!

Then he acted all surprised and offended when I (naturally) grabbed my camera to record this incredibly strange teenage boy behavior...

"Jeesh! Can't a kid even lie in the middle of the driveway with a book without someone taking a picture?! What wrong with you, Mom?"

My mom had a reunion with her dogs. Lucy was fascinated by them. She was also confused...they smelled like dogs. But they looked like guinea pigs!
The Princess helped Mr. Wonderful get the TV hooked up...
while simultaneously checking her text messages.

Multi-talented, she is.

The Boy also went shopping for a Valentine's Day gift for his girlfriend.


And me? I took my mother's advice and ordered some large prints of some of my photographs. I also bought some (large) frames. Now I am so excited for them to arrive so that I can hang them on the walls.

Happy Valentine's Day!
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