Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Ten Things on Tuesday: The pet peeve edition

Because I am feeling slightly annoyed and grumpy today...

Because while one gloomy, dreary day can be kind of fun - in a strange "curl up with a good book" kind of way - but a week of gloomy, dreary weather is just downright depressing...

And because I am completely and thoroughly sick of winter and ready for spring and green grass and flowers...

I bring you my top ten pet peeves, in no particular order.

1. Tailgaters (the kind who ride my butt when I am driving...not the kind who go to football games!)

2. Big ol' SUV's who try to fit into the tiny, compact car parking spots.

3. Having to ask my kids 9,547 times to do something before finally resorting to screaming and/or cursing before it finally gets done.

4. Trying to do something nice for someone who doesn't show any appreciation at all.

5. People who have an air of entitlement (this one kind of goes with #4.)

6. People who don't acknowledge gifts...in any way.

7. People who are never on time.

8. Laundry.

9. People who try to use big words, but don't know how to spell them. Also, people who can't tell the difference between two, to and too. Or their and there. Or through and threw. And so forth and so on, etc. etc....

10. And...mammograms, roaches, stinky dogs, messy kids, fair-weather "friends", and jealous people.

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