Monday, February 7, 2011

Today's new look brought to you by gloomy weather and boredom...

Last week I rearranged the house. We moved the bed from one room to another to create a bedroom for my mom (she broke her kneecap and is staying with us for a few weeks until she is more mobile), and moved one couch into the great room and another into the little den off of our bedroom. I puttered and cleaned and rearranged.

Then, this weekend, I decided I didn't like the new arrangement and so I changed things around again. We moved beds, and I cleaned baseboards (yuck!) and changed bedspreads and lamps. I switched one accessory for another, and then I moved them around a little bit more.

I get bored sometimes...what can I say?

Do you ever do that? Move things around just to create a new look? Is it a girl thing? A spring/nesting thing? Boredom? A desperate need for a hobby?

Anyway, I think I like it. 

I think I'll leave this room like this. It's cozy. Plus, I'm kind of tired now.

I am enjoying having my mom around...she motivates me to rearrange my house and to see possibilities I have missed, and she is also my back-up-disciplinarian. She is a back-up nagger for things I might, occasionally, miss. The kids don't like that part so much, but I sure do! And also she has been encouraging me to have some of my photographs blown up and framed, which is very flattering. I might even do it one of these days...

Anyway, that's all for now...I need to go move a picture from one wall to another. And switch a couple of lamps. And I was thinking about seeing if my bed would look better on the other wall...

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