Friday, February 25, 2011

It’s lonely out in space, on such a timeless flight...

Yesterday was a rather exciting day...first we found out The Princess got into the performing arts high school that she auditioned for a few weeks ago. We are so thrilled and proud of her, although I do admit to a bit of trepidation about driving her downtown each morning in rush hour traffic. Now, apparently, I need to start working on a carpool!

Yesterday was also the last launch of the space shuttle Discovery. The Boy and I had our cameras ready as we watched the television to make sure the launch was still on.
It was...

We waited to make sure that the ignition sequence began...

It did....

And then we ran out to the dock to see the launch...

And we discovered clouds. 

Lots of clouds.

Stupid clouds.

And so we were only able to see a little bit of the contrail before it disappeared behind the clouds.

There were people out on their docks all along the lake. Everyone was peering at the clouds looking for another glimpse of Discovery when I heard the people on the dock next to us say, "Oh - there it is! See, honey?" I squinted my eyes and looked all around but I still didn't see it. I looked at The Boy (whose eyesight is far superior to mine) and gave him a questioning look. He looked where the man was pointing and started to smirk. "Do you see it?", I asked him. He started to laugh and then told me that they were pointing at an airplane.

His eyesight really is far, far superior to mine. Apparently, so is the old people next door's eyesight.

I never even saw the airplane at all.

And now, I need to stop procrastinating and go vacuum and make beds before our realtor comes to take a peek at the house and talk about the terrible real estate market and dismal home prices.

Oh joy.
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