Friday, February 11, 2011

The Star

Today's post is brought to you by The Princess. This was a school assignment for her, and in my completely unbiased opinion, I think it's pretty good!

Between the Earth and the Sun lived a star
He wasn't the biggest or smallest, by far
He was a medium star, with no real potential
Lacking all but the raw, bare essentials

"I want to be bigger," he said with a frown
"I want to be glowing, and wearing a crown.
I want to be great, and mighty and strong."
"I think," he said, "I want to belong."

So the star set out to complete his mission
For this little star wasn't lacking ambition!
He sailed from one great galaxy to the next,
stopping only to ask directions on his trek.

After traveling all day, he wanted only to rest
"But how," he cried, "will that help me be best?"
"Well, I can help you there," said a voice from above
"Just hop on my back, here - I'll give you a shove."

Soon they were stopping at Station Number One
The shadow kicked him off with, "You weigh a ton!"
The sign on the door read "The Aging Machine"
The star turned the knob, his face sickly green.

"Welcome to the haven for all tiny stars.
Here we'll make you grow, so you're bigger than Mars."
"You can do that?", he cried, his face glowing with joy
"Yes, of course - but beware - there's a warning, dear boy."

"A warning?", the star said, with a roll of his eyes
"Yes, a warning, and I really advise
for you to listen well, for this is no laughing matter,
For the consequences, I fear, there is not a thing sadder."

"Are you sure you want to grow up, so to speak?"
"It seems to be that you are just at the peak
of adulthood, little boy, for that is what you are.
Are you SURE you want to stop being a star?"

And so the star became angry, and crazy with rage
"YES! I want to stop being this silly, dumb age!
I want to be happy, not wearing a frown,
I want to be glowing and wearing a crown!"

"All right then, if that's your decision,
Doctors, please make the first incision."
And so it began, the aging of the star
The process leaving an invisible scar.

When the surgery was done, the star was no more.
"OH!", cried the sun, "I've never felt like this before!"
"I'm big! I'm mighty! I glow like a king!
I'm so happy I think I might jump up and sing!"

"Be careful now, Sun, for there are still things by far
so much greater than you are."
"Well, make me bigger! And stronger and better!"
And so the day went, with the star/sun growing weaker and 'better'.

Until the star became so big, and as bright as could be.
Until he collapsed into a black hole, smaller than me.
"The cycle of a star", said the sad voice from the wall,
"Should be respected and cherished by all."

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