Saturday, October 4, 2008


Hooray! It is Saturday, and we were all able to sleep late today. I think we must have needed it because we all slept past 8:00. Clay, of course, slept til 9 when I made him get up because he has a car wash fund raiser for Taekwondo this morning...otherwise he probably could have slept until noon! While he is at the car wash, Tim, Paige and I are going to clean this messy house...change sheets, clean windows, mop, vacuum, etc....then I will go to Publix and get some food...Paige is working on a book report today...Tim is planning on doing some yard work and taking stuff up to Goodwill...then we will probably watch the FSU game this afternoon. Go 'Noles!

Plans for this week: Tim goes to Munich tomorrow, and Clay leaves for his mountain field trip on Monday. He is really excited about it....sleeping in tents, white water rafting, hiking - no showers all week long....Tuesday I will drive up to N.C. and meet Tim there. We are planning a couple of days of R & R for ourselves! I am really looking forward to it...Paige will stay with my mom while we are gone and I think she is looking forward to some bonding time with her grandmother! I am sure they will have a great time together. So all of us have something to look forward to this coming week.
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