Sunday, March 15, 2009

The above picture is of my all time favorite pet peeve - People (I won't name names, but I think you can guess who from the shoes!) who leave their shoes lying in the middle of the floor - and they keep doing it...the shoes just keep piling up! Aarrggh!!

We got home from church and the kids wanted to know if they could jump in the pool - it's quite warm here today - 82 degrees and sunny. Clay tried using his persuasive tactics on me..."Mom, just 20 will wake me up so I can work harder on my school work", right. Anyway, I said sure - jump in the pool...Well, the water is apparently still a bit chilly because they were in and out in 5 minutes!! But it must have worked, because Clay got out of the pool and got right to work on his review for Drama - and it is not even due until Friday!!! We watched Amadeus last night and that is the film he decided to review. He took a brief break to go for a walk with Paige and I, but other than that has been doing his school work!

While Clay has been working on his review, Paige has been busy with Gracie...she gave her a bath, brushed her, and put a little red bow in her hair. Gracie looks gorgeous, and she and Paige are certainly forming a bond!

Tim has been busy today with another of his "projects"...this time working on some landscaping on the side of the house. Why it needed to be done RIGHT NOW, TODAY....I'm not really sure, but Tim has been busy working on does look nice.....
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