Monday, March 9, 2009


Saturday morning we went for a walk on the beach - and Clay was the official "finder of the first shark's tooth"....then we went to lunch at Woody's - a little waterfront dive that is Tim's favorite place to eat in St. Pete and had wonderful grilled fish sandwiches. The afternoon was spent being lazy at the pool while Gramma napped.

Saturday evening we were invited to Aunt Janet and Uncle Lee's for fresh fish. Their grandchildren were visiting, and is was so nice for all the cousins to get to know each other. Clay and Paige haven't seen the twins and Tori since they were babies and we lived in Michigan! We were all amazed at how much Clay and Alec and Ian look alike, and Paige and Tori got along quite well. Lee took the boys out fishing and they brought back a ton of grouper and snapper - Lee made grouper and snapper nuggets and it was delicious! It was a very nice mini-family reunion!
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