Thursday, March 19, 2009

It is an interesting morning here...sort of hazy and misty. Tim tells me it is just a marine layer and will burn off later....but it is pretty and soft looking...I also took some photos of the orange blossoms and my orchid which is blooming. All of the citrus trees are starting to get blossoms, and the scent is delightful!

For some reason the death of the actress Natasha Richardson has really affected is kind of strange because the only thing I really remember seeing her in is The Parent Trap. I think it disturbs me because she was exactly the same age as me, and has children about the same ages as mine....and it happened so suddenly. It has just made me feel very reflective and aware of the fragility of these bodies God gave us.

Anyway, today will be another busy day....I am going to get a haircut in about an hour and tonight we have an open house at Orange Park High School for incoming freshmen. AND Paige has ballet downtown at the same time, so there will be a bit of a juggling act for us tonight. I am still not quite sure how we are going to work it!

Spring break is next week and I am REALLY looking forward to sleeping in a bit...and so are the kids! We are thinking about going back down to see Tm's mom for a few days if we can work it out. I know spring break is coming up for everyone else as well - we'd love to see you if anyone would care to visit...the guest cottage is ready and waiting. Remember, it is only an easy 3 1/2 hour drive from St. Pete (and a 30 minute flight on Southwest)....
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