Wednesday, March 11, 2009

No school today!! Hooray! We all slept late his morning, although since baby Gracie woke me up at 4:00 am this morning to go potty, I didn't quite get the same enjoyment that everyone else in the family did from sleeping late!! Still, it is so nice to have a quiet morning without rushing around....Saturdays Clay has Taekwondo, and Sundays there is we are all being a bit lazy and enjoying this! Clay will need to get going on homework and studying though - he has THREE tests tomorrow - English, Math, and French. Tim and I have to be up at the school by 11:00 for conferences, and then we will pick Clay up and head over to Orange Park High School.

Yesterday I took the puppy for a long walk and wore her out, and then went to Whole Foods with my mom and stocked up. Tim was busy doing yard work and getting our bathroom ceiling fixed - it looks great now though! We're not sure what we are gong to do with the house - thinking about taking it off the market. Two other waterfront houses that we know of recently lowered their prices - DRASTICALLY! Obviously, they are desperate - we're not. And we can't and won't go that low. So....we're thinking about taking it off, enjoying the summer, and seeing how the market looks next year. We'll see......
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