Friday, September 4, 2009

A comment from Clay:

Hey everyone,

High school is going well. Whenever it rains I have learned to follow a varsity football line men. They do seem to clear a path. My classes are going well too. I like all my teachers and I have made some friends!

Life at the house is going on as usual. My mom praises me one second then yells at me the next. Yup we are just a typical family with a teenage boy. Our driveway is covered with dead locusts and frogs. I kill the locusts and my cat (Roxy) kills the frogs. It has been really windy ... not good fishing weather. Our lake is infested with gar, they are everwhere.

Dad has just started flying a Tokyo trip. He is ALWAYS grumpy for like the next day or so, but he takes me water skiing so all is good. Speaking of water skiing I am finally slalom skiing!!! I can go in and out of the wake and even cut some. I'm just a little apprehensive about cutting in and going from wake to wake. I know that I can I just get scared.
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