Friday, September 25, 2009

It's Friday!

It's Friday...finally! I thought I'd share some photos from around our house....
A rosebud, my orchid, Clay cutting the grass (and bellowing "in the jungle, the mighty jungle...." as he did it!)

Tim watering my plants...
and the big pot of chicken noodle soup I just made! For some reason, I have been craving chicken noodle soup - probably because of the 4 day migraine I just got over. Anyway, I finally had a chance to make some, and I plan to freeze half for when I inevitably get sick later this fall when the kids bring home some hideous virus. When I get sick, there is never anyone to make ME homemade soup - so I did it for me. The future me. You know.

Tomorrow is Paige's 13th birthday party. She is having some girls over to go on the big banana and swim, and she wants hotdogs for dinner. I am making two kinds of cupcakes tomorrow - chocolate with peanut butter frosting (her favorite) and just in case anyone is allergic to peanuts, vanilla with pink buttercream frosting. I can't believe my baby girl is going to be 13. I will officially have two teenagers. Oh my.

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