Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Good grief!

Tim left Sunday morning (at 4 am!!) to fly to Japan....and it was just a terrible couple of days! First, I was pulled over for speeding, which I was NOT doing, the cop was a jerk...but luckily he gave me a warning. Chloe (my kitty) has been very sick. Not eating, drinking, barely moving, etc. I took her to the vet and we have her on antibiotics - she does seem slightly better this brakes have been making a horrible grinding sound....and I found out that my sweet, precious little boy - you know, the one who has been telling me he has been going to conditioning for soccer every afternoon after school...with lots of details "we ran two miles, then did sprints"..."the coach and I talked about taekwondo today"...HAS BEEN LYING TO US FOR THE PAST THREE WEEKS!!! He has not been going. At all. Why? Because he didn't know anyone, and he knew he wouldn't make the team anyway. AAARGH. I am speechless. Really. OK, well, I did have a few little things to say to Clay....starting with - You WILL go. We are not quitters in this family, and you don't not do something just because it is hard. He went to the coach and told him that he hadn't been going because he was intimidated, etc. The coach (apparently) has told him to come and be ready to work. So we'll see. Clay has lost his cell phone, among other things, and is VERY VERY grounded. Little brat. We have the quote above written on our pantry door, and Clay has to memorize it by this weekend. Very apropos, don't you think?

The icing of the cake was when the girl who stole Paige's camera sent her a taunting message about her camera...saying she thinks Paige must be so upset about "losing" her camera...she knows how much SHE loves HER new camera because her daddy gave it to her and she misses him so much, etc. etc. blah blah blah. All lies. Her father died of a heart attack a few months ago (which by the way, is the only reason we did not call the police) was unemployed for the past three years, on disability, and hadn't paid child support in about three years either. He DID NOT get her a camera. Ugh....

Tim got home last night, and hopefully things are looking up! Chloe DOES seem slightly better this morning, my van is going in later today to have the brakes looked at, Clay has been on his best behavior, and it is a beautiful day here!

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