Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Paige LOVES her English teacher...her homework is all done online in that class.
Clay was organizing his notes for AP Human Geography - which is turning out to be very homework intensive...still an interesting class though, which he is enjoying.
MORE homework....
No, Chloe wasn't working on homework...but isn't she just so cute??

Today has been a rainy, yucky day - and tomorrow looks like it will be the same. Apparently, the junior high is finally finished with going over the policies and procedures and they have finally gotten around to academics. Paige had homework in English and Geography tonight. Clay had homework in every subject. (Welcome to high school, kid!!) We started the day with a run to the orthodontist with Paige because she had a loose bracket. Tonight, Clay and I will be going to a meeting at the high school for soccer. Clay is feeling a wee bit intimidated about trying out because apparently around 80 kids (or so) try out each year for about 24-25 spots. Tim and I have told him to at least try - you never know!
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