Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I have been battling a migraine for the past couple of days - yuck. I'm feeling slightly better today, and hoping the migraine doesn't come back! Chloe and Sushi appear to be getting along a bit better...they were both taking a nap in our bathroom together yesterday. No one was growling or hissing - a miracle!

We have had a rather unpleasant experience. We hosted the church youth group's end of the year party here at our house/pool on Sunday afternoon. At the end of it, Paige discovered that her new camera that was a birthday gift from her grandmother and a bracelet were missing. Yep, at a church function "someone" stole her camera and bracelet. The unfortunate thing is that we are pretty sure we know who took them. Clay witnessed one girl leaving Paige's room (the last one to leave) with something wrapped in a towel and a "guilty look on her face Mom"...he urged Paige to go check and see if anything was missing, and...I asked the mother if she perhaps "accidently" picked it up when she got her towel and asked her to check...naturally _____ denied having it. What can we do? We don't have any proof.

Paige is so angry and hurt. The one positive thing to come out of this situation is how wonderful Clay has been to his sister. He has truly been in protective, big brother mode - and I love seeing him be so sweet to his sister!

We are all shocked that someone - who professes to be a Christian, no less - could be so ugly. The kids are both very angry (and truthfully, so am I!) but I am urging them to pray for this person, because she is obviously a very troubled and unhappy person...and to just let it go.
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