Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Ten things on Tuesday: the one about apples and trees

1. Spring has definitely sprung.

There are flowers everywhere...redbuds, dogwoods, azaleas....It is a riot of color and flowers...

2. And pollen....

Of course, when I try to take pictures to show how awful the pollen is the pictures don't really look all that bad. But, trust me - it's bad. It is coating everything. It's been warm and balmy, with a nice breeze off the lake so we've had our windows open. I think that may have been a mistake because now there is pollen coating everything in the house too!

3. Because of the pollen which is coating every single thing around and which has now infiltrated my home, I have been taking this in order to sleep at night.
4. We've been busy working on the house all weekend. Which is incredibly boring and how much can one really say about that?

5. I've also been busy planting flowers and herbs...my herb garden looks quite happy after a brief rain shower last night...now if I can just keep the darn bugs away!

6. The Boy and I went for a nice walk yesterday afternoon and talked and talked and talked. 

I was happy. Lucy was happy. The teenager was quite pleased with himself for wearing that particular t-shirt because he knows how much it annoys most of the people in our insulated little Peyton Place community. For those of you who know Mr. Wonderful, I can only say that the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

7. I have received some of the prints of my photographs...I wish I could have them matted and framed the way I would like to, but I am settling for cheap-o frames for now and I will just get them done nicely at some future date. Hopefully. 

Anyway, I'm excited to start hanging them on the walls to see how they look.

8. Yesterday afternoon I cleaned out a kitchen drawer and discovered several Christmas items which were apparently overlooked when we were packing up. I went to put them away properly in a Christmas bin in our storage closet and when I was walking out of the closet I banged my pinky toe on another storage bin. Have I mentioned that our house is currently full of various bins and boxes and piles of stuff as I endeavor to tame the chaos? Anyway, it really, really hurt. And now it is purple and swollen and it still really, really hurts.

I think I may have broken it.

The point to this little story is that apparently I AM as big a klutz as my poor mom. Those of you who know my mom (and her penchant for walking into things and breaking her toes) will understand what I am talking about. It would appear that the apple hasn't fallen far from this branch of the tree either!

9. In reference to the above....Oh, CRAP!

10. When I hobbled outside a few minutes ago to try to take a picture of the sun's rays peeking through the clouds...
I glanced down and saw this....

 I shrieked and jumped back (which, with my poor achy-breaky toe, was not as easy as one might think!)

Then I took another look.
And I realized that it was a plastic spider left over from The Boy's Halloween party.

Boy, did I feel stupid.

And relieved.

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