Sunday, September 18, 2011

The creeping crud, minor annoyances, and a blog-i-versary...

I've been a bad blogger. I didn't fall off the face of the earth. I wasn't in the hospital or jaunting around the world on a fabulous vacation. I just got busy. Please forgive me.

I even managed to miss my three year blog-i-versary, which was yesterday. 3 years and 922 posts later, here I am.

Here, in no particular order, is what we've been doing the past few days...

*The creeping crud has been making the rounds through the household. Guess who ended up with it in spite of  all her efforts sanitizing the house with Lysol and running the dishwasher on the highest temperature setting? Hence, I'm now bonding with these...

* The Boy took a (ahem) test this week and passed with flying colors. I'm not completely freaked out by this at all. Really.

* The Princess (and The Princess's mom, The Queen, aka moi) are worn out with her school/carpool/dance schedule. We have been looking into some changes which will allow her (and her long suffering, patient, taxi-driver mom) a bit more flexibility and much needed down-time.

*Lucy, aka the stinky, hairy beast, had some bonding time with her groomer and came home much less smelly and with much less hair. Hallelujah!

* Mr. Wonderful and I have some concerns with The Princess's Honors English teacher and have requested a conference. Already! I know, it's only been a month...but it's necessary.

* We've also been dealing with some issues regarding our real estate agent/broker/company. It's a long story...suffice to say, we're not happy. We want to terminate our contract and try to sell by owner. The agent/broker/company doesn't want to let us do that. Hence, we're even more unhappy with the situation. 

* I only mention those two annoyances as a bit of an explanation for my disappearing from the world wide web for a while. I was distracted. And now I'm sick. Bah.

* It feels like fall here! It's cool (ish) and blustery. I have the windows open and the eagles have been playing and talking to each other and entertaining me as I sniffle and snuffle and blow my nose.

I tried to get all artsy with a photograph of me AND the eagles, but apparently the cold medicine affected my aim. Most of the pics were of the dock or the sky. But here...enjoy this lovely view of a close up of my hair. You're welcome.

* I have thoroughly enjoyed sitting outside, watching and listening to the eagles. Honestly, I never, ever, ever get tired of them. They fascinate me. So I thought I'd share...

Unfortunately, the cold medicine seems to have affected my video skills too. Please forgive the jerkiness of the video. The video taker is a jerk. Or something like that....

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