Sunday, September 25, 2011

Weekend Update: Rain, Homeless Fairies, Dance Shoes and Teenage Drama

It's been raining here every afternoon. It gets all blustery right before it rains. Lucy loves the blustery afternoons...

She runs outside and lies in the driveway and looks around, happily. And then she won't come back inside when I call her. She ignores me. She disses me for the blistery winds. She is rude, is what she is.

But then, once it starts raining? Oh...THEN she wants to be my friend and come back inside.

Silly dog.

Because we've been deluged with rain every afternoon, we also have fungi growing in the yard.

I kind of like the mushrooms...when I was a little girl I used to imagine that they were fairy houses. 

The mushrooms annoy Mr. Wonderful, though. He bought some anti-fungus stuff for the yard.  The poor fairies will be homeless.

How sad.

Also, because of the aforementioned, daily rain showers, we've had lots of cloudy skies. Which has made for some lovely sunsets...

The Princess started at a new dance studio this week. She really likes it and is enjoying taking some new (to her) types of dance. In addition to ballet and modern, she is also taking lyrical/contemporary, character, and jazz. She LOVES the character shoes because they have heels on them. She feels tall!

Well, really I'm just guessing when I say that she really likes them. The fact that she keeps putting them on to walk around the house has nothing to do with it. 

I'll hear her, click, click...and then she'll walk (sashay) into the room and, with a big grin on her face say, "Have you noticed how TALL these shoes make me?!!"  (The 5 foot tall Princess becomes the statuesque 5 feet 1 and 1/2 inch tall Princess in these shoes!)

But that's not all! In addition to the extraordinary excitement of daily rain showers, a stubborn dog, and fairy houses on the brink of extinction, we've been graced with the pleasure of a hormonal teenager's bad attitude.

Lucky us.

I also got to see my old college roommate for a few minutes on Saturday, in between running The Princess to dance and buying the fabulous new height enhancing dance shoes, and looking for a copy of Thoreau's Walden for The Boy (aka the moody, hormonal teen), researching home selling and swapping sites, and making spaghetti.

And that is all, my friends. It's been a quiet weekend (except for the moody adolescent and the drama that goes along with that.) 

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