Friday, September 2, 2011

You is kind. You is smart. You is important.

Dear Princess,

I am so proud of you and of the young woman you are becoming. I hate seeing you discouraged. It breaks my heart to see you hurting.

Ever since you were a little girl you have loved to dance. It made you happy. You have worked so hard and sacrificed so much to become a better dancer. You are disciplined and dedicated and seeing how happy dancing made you has made all the sacrifices worth it for your father and I.

You have experimented with other activities - gymnastics and rhythmic gymnastics and piano and art - but you have always come back to dance. It is what makes you happy.

Lately though, we've seen you become discouraged. You disparage yourself and your talent. You criticize yourself and say that you are not good enough. 

Dancing doesn't seem to make you happy anymore.

I long for the days when I could gather you in a big hug and kiss your worries away. I wish I could tell those mean girls who roll their eyes and act condescending to you that I think they are just jealous of you. I wish I could protect you from all the mean girls in the world. I wish I could shelter you from the self doubt and frustration that I see on your face.

I know that this is all a part of growing up, but I hate it. I wish I could make you see what a wonderful person you are. You are beautiful and smart. You are kind and generous. You are my amazing, talented daughter and I love you so much.

Dancing SHOULD be fun. It should be a joyous expression of your emotions and your soul. It shouldn't be frustrating. If it is becoming that for you, maybe it's time to move in another direction. There are so many forms of dance that you still have to experience.

Please don't give up, Princess.

Please don't be frustrated or angry at yourself.

You are special and amazing and fabulous.

Anyone who can't see that is a fool!

Believe in yourself. Try to find that spark of joy inside you when you dance. Do it for you, not for them.

Dancing should give you the same feeling of contentment and satisfaction as a big ol' chocolate ice cream cone.

Precious Princess, have faith in yourself and your abilities. You amaze me with your work ethic and dedication and talent. 

You is kind.
You is smart.
You is important.

(Aibilene, The Help)

And don't you ever forget it.

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