Wednesday, September 21, 2011

This is my brain on drugs.

Once again, I disappeared from the world wide web for a few days. And once again I have a really exciting and scintillating reason for my disappearance. You see, I have been sleeping. And sneezing. And mouth breathing (because the old nostrils have been a wee bit congested). And blowing my nose. And taking lots and lots of Nyquil Sinus and Dayquil Sinus. 

But still...even though I have absolutely nothing to say because of the aforementioned sniffling and sleeping and sneezing, I felt that I should check in and let you know that I am still alive. Sorta. I mean, I'm here - albeit in a cotton mouthed, dizzy-headed sort of a haze...

In between my bouts of sleeping and sneezing, etc. I have had a few random thoughts which, because I am still somewhat doped up and therefore it seemed like a good idea, I thought I'd share...

First, I've been thinking about what a good husband I have. He's been letting - no, insisting - that I sleep. He decided that this was a good idea after I came stumbling out of the bedroom yesterday randomly lurching from one place to another trying to "help" with the morning rush to school. I sneezed and sniffled and barked at The Boy to clean his room and hurry up. And then I hacked and coughed and tried to start making The Princess's lunch. Which was already made and sitting right in front of me on the counter. Mr. Wonderful and the kids looked at each other, smirked, and shrugged their shoulders and Mr. Wonderful led me gently back to bed and said, "Why don't you just go back to sleep?" And then the dear man bought me chocolate because he knows that chocolate always makes me feel better.

You see why I married him? He's pretty smart. Even though I haven't actually had the chocolate yet because I can't actually taste it due to aforementioned mouth breathing thing. Still...I know it's there waiting for me. And just knowing that it is there DOES make me feel better!

Another strange and random thing which I keep thinking about is hypocrites. Specifically the kind of people who like to act holier than thou and talk about what good Christians they are and post on Facebook constantly about going to church or praying. Maybe they say something about going running and word it like this, "I'm running for Jesus!" Or perhaps they are the sort of person who brags about not letting their children read Harry Potter or go trick or treating. I'm not talking about your normal, every day, type of people but the ones who act smug and condescending and have a pious, righteous air about them. You know the type I mean.

 I've noticed that the ones who make the biggest deal about how often they go to church and who brag smugly about it, the ones who publicly proclaim their piety and have the holier than thou attitude are quite often the very people hiding something. And it's often something not very nice. I've known people like I've described who are having affairs, are not speaking to family members, or are alcoholics or addicted to drugs, or who cheat and lie to get ahead in business. The very ones who are so unforgiving and who love to draw a line in the sand are often the very ones who NEED forgiveness. 


I have a theory about people like that. I think they proclaim their piety and devout ardor so loudly and publicly because they're like magicians. It's like a sleight of hand trick. Watch what this hand is doing and don't pay attention to the other hand. Or in this case, pay attention to what I'm saying, not what I'm doing.

And I mentioned, Mr. Wonderful has been, well, pretty wonderful about letting me sleep. He's been getting the kids off to school and taking The Princess to meet the carpool. Since this was the first time he has done so he decided he should get out of the car and introduce himself to the mom who was driving. The Princess told me about it, stating incredulously that he was even wearing shorts and a shirt that didn't have holes or stains in them. She smiled and said, "I was so proud of him!"

This just cracks me up. Those of you who know Mr. Wonderful in real life will understand why this is so funny. Or maybe not. Maybe it's the medication.

Any questions?

PS. I really, really hope this post doesn't offend anyone. It is absolutely not meant to be pointing fingers at anyone. It is a generalization. Mostly. And the Nyquil. Definitely.

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