Sunday, December 14, 2008

A busy week ahead....

This is shaping up to be a BUSY week - Clay has midterms all week, which is pretty stressful for him (AND US!) and Paige has her regular ballet classes- plus Thursday night is dress rehearsal, Friday am is the technical rehearsal and the opening night is Friday - then performances all weekend. Clay is getting his braces off Thursday afternoon and we have company coming Thursday (all the way from Gig Harbor, Washington). We are so excited to see them. Kieran was Clay's best friend when we lived there and those two boys were inseperable. It will be interesting to see how they connect after 9 years!

In addition to all that, Paige's big project on the pyramids is due Monday and Tuesday she has to bring in a food item eaten in Chile (for Spanish class). Which means Mom (moi) gets to find a recipe online and cook on Monday! Paige will also have to check in with all her teachers to make up any work she will miss on Friday since she will be at the tech rehearsal. BUT, the good news is that after this week things should quiet down. Thank goodness. I am worn out.
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