Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Hi. This is Paige. Clay is studying for exams. I am glad that 6th graders don't have to do exams! That would stink. There's 9 days until Christmas! Yay! There's 3 days until Nutcracker!! Yay?! My new pointe shoes are awesome. They are the same thing as my old pair, just a whole lot prettier! I'm actually nervous, because the bon bons are really bad this year. They don't know what they are doing - still! They keep standing in the middle of the stage when it is my turn to dance. Aarrggh! Hopefully they will move out of the way on the actual stage. Other than that, Nutcracker is going tres bien! I think it will be a good show.

I want a bunny for Christmas, but mom says no. :( OR anything Vera Bradley. Not to sound like a spoiled brat or anything, but I really like the patterns. I am also hoping for a scented eraser. Clothes. Any good books, and Taylor Swift's Fearless CD. OK, Mom says all I am getting is those new pointe shoes (with expedited shipping). Hmmpph!

I don't think it is fair that Clay got a pet when he turned 11 and I am 12 1/4, but I don't have a pet. Of my own. Mom says maybe this summer. If I could get a bunny I would want one that is trained to go on a leash! That's so cool!!!!

That's all from me until after Nutcracker.
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