Tuesday, December 9, 2008

MORE Tim time!

Tim got a vacation drop for his trip this week - he doesn't go to work until Saturday, which means he will have been home with us for almost two weeks! First, UAL "bought" his trip because of training (someone wanted to go to Amsterdam for their IOE, hmmm....imagine that!) and this latest one ...basically, he traded it for vacation days next year. It has been nice having him around - especially for me, as I have a helper to help me drive Paige downtown and go to soccer games, etc. And of course, I love having him around anyway.

Yesterday was spent on Christmas cards and finishing up packages - but I did it and got everything out in the mail yesterday. Yay! No chatty notes in the cards this year, as I feel this blog is enough chatting for anyone. I hope to get some chatty notes from others though! (hint, hint)

Paige informed me on Sunday on the way to rehearsal that...um, a banana got squished in her dance bag and smeared all over her point shoes. Oops. Her shoes have slimy stuff on them and a big ink stain from where she had written her name inside them. Since she cannot wear them on stage, it means I have to drive all the way to Arlington (about 45 minutes) to get her new ones. Aarrggh. I am a bit frustrated with her, because if she would put her shoes away properly instead of just shoving them in her bag, this wouldn't have happened. Oh well, c'est la vie! I did tell her though - OK, I will go get them....Merry Christmas! I think I will take the empty box they came in and wrap it and put it under the tree.

Clay has another soccer game tonight - keep your fingers crossed that they win!! Poor kids - they are having a terrible season! On another note, he got 102 on his History test yesterday. HOORAY, and HALLELUJAH! Maybe he has really turned over a new leaf. Let's hope he keeps up with his studying this time!

Now, I am off to the grocery store since we have very bare cupboards - with my hubby home, a teenager and a pre-teen - I can't seem to keep food in the house! I think I'll make spaghetti tonight, and maybe bake some Christmas cookies for the cookie jar......BTW, I am going to get the bare minimum at Publix today because....DA DUM!!! Whole Foods grand opening is tomorrow!! I am so excited...thanks, Santa!
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