Saturday, December 13, 2008

New Pointe Shoes

The old pair - with banana "juice" and ink stains - very worn out!
After sewing the ribbons and elastic on, you have to "crack" the shoes...basically, break them! This is so that your foot can move and pointe, and so that your leg will go over the box when on pointe....
Paige's new pointe shoes, after she has sewn the elastics and ribbons on. Next step - burning the ends of the ribbon and elastic so it does not fray......

So, Paige's new shoes obviously arrived and she has been busy sewing. If you are wondering why I don't sew for her....I used to, but the last pair of shoes Mrs. Byrd told Paige to take out what I had done and do it herself! She said that Paige needs to know how to do it in case she has a loose ribbon before a performance, etc. Also, that it is her responsibility as they are her shoes. Have I mentioned that I love Mrs. Byrd?!?!!!! I know I have mentioned how specific the fitting of the shoes must be, but even after the shoes are fitted there is a routine to be followed. First, you have to burn the ends of the ribbons and elastics to keep them from fraying. Then you have to "crack" the shoes - bend them in half until they crack. This makes the shoes easier to dance on, and you almost CAN'T dance in them unless they are cracked because you can't get over the "box". The box is where the toes go and it supports the dancer's body when en pointe. Finally, Paige will have to break the shoes in a bit before the performances next weekend. Very painful and blister forming - but part of the process.

On another note - the soccer games. OK, still no wins for the boys, BUT they have scored! Thursday night's game was awful. I won't mention the school we played, but it was a "Christian" school - and those boys were very violent. For some reason, the refs haven't been calling fouls - even when they are obvious! One of our players, a 6th grader, was tripped by another player and fell. When he was on the ground the other player stomped on his arm. Clay (and the rest of the team) said he did it on purpose, but I didn't see it. Anyway, not only did the ref not call a foul on the other player - he yellow carded one of our players who said "Ref, it was number 10". So yesterday, we found out that the 6th grader who had his arm stomped on is in a cast. Yep, the other player broke his arm. Unbelievable. He said that the other player said, "Sorry - not really". Last night was a JV game. Again, unbelievable. The other team's players were throwing their elbows in our player's faces, etc. No fouls were called. I think maybe our team needs to get a bit of the "Zidame" attitude, and give it right back. No more Mr. Nice Guy!

Tim left for work this morning, we're off to Nutcracker rehearsal in a little while (again), and Clay is studying (I hope) for mid-terms.
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