Monday, December 15, 2008

Just to balance everything out.....

This morning I walked into Clay's room to gather dirty clothes and get a load of laundry going and let me tell you - it was a disaster! Seriously, the bed is not made, clothes EVERYWHERE, his bathroom was a huge mess....just totally disgusting. I was going to take a picture to post on here in case anyone doubts just how bad his room is...but I am too embarrassed! I mean, it is really gross. The thing is, it was pretty clean when I was in there yesterday - so this apocolypse happened in 24 hours!!! I looked in his soccer bag for the inevitable dirty socks, etc. which he never remembers to put in his dirty clothes hamper and found canteloupe slices - uneaten - from two weeks ago!! I kid you not! So, yeah, he did a wonderful, helpful thing in getting dinner and setting the table, etc. But you see what I deal with most of the time? By the way, I did not gather dirty clothes (basically, they were everywhere) I just walked out and shut the door. There is a limit to what a girl can deal with, ya know?

Today is a crazy day (and obviously, I am procrastinating about getting started by being on the computer). I found a recipe for a Chilean cookie which I plan to make this afternoon, need to run to the post office, and I made an executive decision that Paige is going to miss ballet today. For several reasons - first, Clay has a tutoring session this afternoon to help him prepare for his English mid-term and well, I just cannot physically be in two places at once...something's gotta go, and today it is ballet. Secondly, I think Paige could use a day off before we hit this there you go - no ballet. Thankfully, Tim gets home tonight so that will make life a bit easier as far as getting both kids where they need to go. Clay's English exam is tomorrow morning and he still has to write his essay for the exam and type it up. Which means I need to look it over and "edit" for him. And let's not forget - he needs to clean that room!!!!!

P.S. OK, I confess. I am totally cheating on Paige's Chilean food that she needs to bring in. I found a recipe for alfajores which is a homemade sugar/butter cookie with homemade caramel ...yeah, um, too much work for for me this time of year! SO...I am using some break-n-bake sugar cookies and a jar of caramel sauce. Sshhh....don't tell.
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