Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Well, the middle school team has a perfect record...of defeat! Poor kids - they are now 0-5. The thing is that there are some really talented players, but they are just not playing as a team. Plus, there are only 3 8th graders (including Clay), and 4-5 7th graders...the rest are 6th graders, so relatively inexperienced. It's tough, and very frustrating for Clay! On the plus side, their warm up suits finally arrived (now that it is no longer cold!) so Clay has been wearing his "oh so cool" jacket to school.

I drove all the way out to Arlington to the dance store this morning to get Paige's new pointe shoes...and they didn't have her size in stock. Called around to every other dance store in Jacksonville, and no one had her size. Yikes! Finally, I found a place online that carried Bloch Heritage AND had her size...had to pay to have them overnighted, but they should be here by Friday. That child really needs to take better care of her stuff!! Apparantly, this particular kind is hard to find (no kidding!) and then they are sized to a particular kind of foot....i.e. narrow, high arch, toe size, etc. so...very specific. I was a bit surprised because we have never had this problem before - but then again, this is the 4th TYPE of pointe shoe she has been in because her foot has changed so much since she began on pointe. Hopefully, she has learned her lesson - that pointe shoes and bananas do not mix!

After that, I ran to Costco which was a madhouse (I guess because of Christmas) - totally crazy. On the way home I decided to go to Whole Foods which had it's grand opening today. I have been so anxious for them to come to Jacksonville...anyway, it was also a madhouse. Absolutely packed, and crazy. I felt like I was at Disney World. BUT - loved it!!!!! I only managed to see about half the store because there were so many people in there, but it is now officially my favorite store! I can't wait for the Whole Foods Mania to die down....

So, now I am exhausted, but still...being the wonderful, self-sacrificing kind of mom that I am...I will drag myself off to battle the usual traffic to take Paige downtown, wait 2 hours for her to finish, and then drive her home. Aaahhh....the things I do for my children.
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