Sunday, December 7, 2008

Our family movie night didn't quite pan out....our DVD player has apparantly given up! It is a few years old, and just...froze! Fred Claus. Instead, we turned out all the lights in the den and we all just talked. We talked about school, who is "going with" whom, rumors, what the kids are looking forward to, etc. It was really fun. Maybe we should change our Saturday family movie night tradition to Saturday family talk night.

Yesterday, I dropped Paige at Nutcracker rehearsal and my mom and I went to the mall. Yes, on a Saturday two weeks before Christmas! Amazingly, it wasn't bad - which is indicative of how bad our economy really is. Usually I wouldn't be caught dead at the mall on a weekend two weeks before....Anyway, I did get a couple of things for the kids and the last box of stuffing mix at Williams Sonoma. Since we didn't do Thanksgiving here this year, and so didn't have all the fun leftovers - I told Tim I'd make a turkey and all the fixin's for Christmas. I love that stuffing mix from WS!!

Today, Paige has rehearsal again (what else is new, right?) and the big plans are to clean out the turtle tank and clean the house up a bit. How is it that it can be completely clean...and two days later look like a bomb exploded in here? I just don't get it!
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