Sunday, December 14, 2008

What an awesome kid!

OK, so Tim and I have had our issues with Clay - getting him to focus on studying, cleaning his room, being nice to his sister, etc. But I have to say, we must have done something right - he is just so thoughtful and sweet. Last night I called him on the way home from picking Paige up from rehearsal and asked him to throw a frozen pizza in the oven. We came home to Christmas music playing, the table set (albeit with paper plates) - and pizza prepared a la francais - with an egg in the middle. I know, it sounds strange - but it is really good. Clay learned this when he was in France last summer. Tonight when we walked in - again, he had set the table and made a salad, water pitcher (with lemon slices, no less) on the table, Christmas music playing, french bread sliced....And, by the way - this was a true dinner salad - he added a can of tuna fish (protein) and a can of asparagus (vegetable) so the salad had everything! Clay rocks!

Honestly, I get mad at him for something and then I always feel guilty because he really is such a good kid.
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