Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!

The picture above was taken Thursday afternoon while I was sitting in the car in carpool line....for some reason I love this picture! I think because the kids didn't know Mom was in paparazzi mode....
Yesterday, Friday the 13th, was our 19th anniversary. It was a quiet day...Clay and Simon spent most of the day on the dock...and only had a catfish to show for their efforts! Since they couldn't catch our dinner, we went out to eat at Texas Roadhouse. Another eye-opening American experience for Simon....
This photo is him getting into the spirit with a big ol' burger!! So anyway, it wasn't a romantic dinner for Tim and I...but fun none the less! Afterwards we all watched Splash.

You may remember that Clay had asked if he could "take a little break" from Taekwondo....we told him NO, as it was quite obvious to us that his little break was motivated by a desire to be fishing all day bit of laziness as well. The thing is, Taekwondo is HARD...and Clay is at the age where he just wants everything to be easy. Frankly, it/he is driving us crazy but we are resigned to the fact that this is our cross to bear for the next few years - at least until the big hormonal surge of the teenage years has passed and our sweet boy gets his brain back!! :) Tim just left to take Clay to Taekwondo and he seems to have accepted his fate. It helps that is is a rainy, yucky day and he obviously wouldn't have been out fishing all day anyway!

He and Simon are planning another "get together" tonight. Just the two boys, Paige and one of her friends from 6th grade, two other boys and two other girls from 8th grade....the original plan was to hang out by the firepit again - that seemed to be a big hit - but with the rain....I guess the kids will all be inside the house. I am not really sure how it will go...but wish me luck! My plan is just to have lots of food around...judging by Simon and Clay, it seems pretty much all teenagers want to do is sleep and eat...and in Clay's case, fish!

In other news, Clay has been invited - AGAIN - to participate in the People to People program. I think this is the third year he has been invited, and the second time this year. In the fall he received an invitation to do the student ambassador program, this most recent one is he sports ambassador program. I'm not really sure how they get Clay's name...but am assuming it is from test scores. This one goes to Fiji, Australia and New Zealand - it sounds awesome, but I'm sure it is prohibitively expensive. He was also nominated, and accepted, to be in Who's Who ...for middle school students. This is his second time. Tim and I are a bit amazed though, because while Clay is very, very smart...his grades really do not reflect his intelligence. Most of you know we struggle to get him to focus and do the quality of work which he is capable of. Meanwhile, our sweet little Paige - a straight A student, overacheiver, etc. - has never received an invitation. Weird, huh?

I hope you all have a wonderful Valentine's Day!
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