Thursday, February 19, 2009

What IS that????

I was on my way out the door this afternoon to pick the kids up from school, when I noticed something on the floor in our entryway. It was small, so I bent down and squinted to try to make out what it was and that (above pic) is what I saw! A baby fiddler crab. How the heck did that thing get inside our house? I threw a tupperware container over it and ran to pick the kids up. Clay, naturally, was thrilled when he saw it and wanted to know if we could keep it.
In this picture, you can see how small the little gal was. Yes, Clay informed me that it was a female (like I care!!). How does he know these things? Anyway, that was our excitement for the afternoon!! The little crab has now been released into the creek beside our house - and I hope she stays there!

Tim is still in St. Pete with his mom. It seems that she is doing much better and he has been busy trying to get her medications sorted out (there are a LOT) in an organized manner so that she will not forget anything! He will be home tomorrow, just in time to head back to work. And Simon is sad because he is going home the day after tomorrow!

So, that's really all the news from here....I have been busy today with grocery shopping, laundry (it never ends!), cooking dinner (spaghetti casserole), and rounding up crabs!
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