Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I haven't written in a few days because life suddenly got busy, busy, busy!! Saturday night Clay had a small party. Luckily, the rain stopped a couple of hours before the kids got here, so they were able to sit outside around the fire...and text. Yes. Text. What's wrong with kids these days....they had their cell phones in their hands, thumbs busily tapping away. I have told Clay that if he has another party I will be greeting everyone at the front door with a basket in hand for everyone to deposit their cell phones in! Teenagers don't have social skills anymore - all they do is email, IM, and text....they don't even make phone calls. Scary.

Sunday was another busy (the kids were both acolyting) - Simon did quite well following along with the service, then that People to People meeting (which was really a waste of time...I knew it would be but still had to check...$5,900! I don't think so!), then to Target for Simon to do some souvenir shopping. He HAD to get an American football....he has really taken to that sport! We finally arrived home and had about an hour and 1/2 before I had to take the boys to youth group up at the church.

Monday was a nice lazy day - no school because of President's Day. We all slept late, which just felt so wonderfully indulgent! Clay worked on some homework in the morning, and then the boys went and fished in the afternoon. We found out that Tim's mother had been admitted to the hospital in St. Pete with heart problems and were worried about that all day - Tim was in Amsterdam. Yesterday was back to school, and Clay had Taekwondo in the evening.

Tim's mother was released from the hospital last night and is doing OK, but not great. Tim got home last night, and is heading down there in about an hour to see how she is doing and take care of her for a couple of days before heading back to work. We certainly appreciate any prayers! I will know more about how she is doing once he gets there.

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