Sunday, July 26, 2009

St. Martin d'Aout

Clay and Paige woke up this morning in Clermont Ferrand and went to Vulcania. Both kids said that the park was really cool and fun. Clay told me that it was similar to Kennedy Space Center in that it was a science museum and park too. There were rides, and it was all about volcanoes and other natural disasters - although there was a dragon ride also. After that, piled into the car again and had another long ride to the Thomas' country home in St. Martin d'Aout, which is the picture above. I think the children are haviing fun, but I am getting lots of texts saying "I love you"....which makes me happy! :-)

I didn't do much of anything today, which also made me happy! I puttered around the house a bit doing a LITTLE bit of cleaning, but I also researched hotels for Tim and I in Europe (we still haven't decided what we are doing), read, and took a nap! Tim is on his way home from London and probably won't get home until around midnight and then he only has one day off, before heading back on Tuesday. I have some tests scheduled out at Mayo Clinic tomorrow and the next day, but that is really all that is on my agenda - which I think is fabulous!!

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