Wednesday, July 1, 2009


So....the house is sparkling and pretty....we have been gone from 2-4 for the showing. Arrived home at 4:10 - all the lights were still on, flyers still out, no realtor card on the counter...we are a bit confused. Have they not come yet? Tim calls our realtor to find out, they call the showing agent, and.....huh. Apparently they drove in our driveway and didn't like the size of the lot. They never even walked in the house. We are officially crying "Uncle"!! Enough. So - tomorrow the house will be off MLS.

Oh well. At least the house is clean. For a while, anyway.

In the meantime, we went to the high school and met Clay's guidance counselor. He was very nice and helpful. While we do not have the "official" schedule yet, we do know which classes Clay will be taking next year. They are:

Honors English
Honors Physical Science
AP Human Geography
French II
Algebra I
Business Technology (required for the Academy of Finance)

Clay is happy, and we are happy. Now, let's just hope he does the work!!
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