Sunday, January 9, 2011


We've spent the weekend with family.

It's a rather long and confusing story, but my sister-in-law "S" was 6 months pregnant when my youngest brother, her husband, was killed in a car accident.  After my nephew CJ was born, she moved up north to be closer to her father and eventually remarried and had 3 more children. Her 7 year old daughter Caroline has been battling a brain tumor for the past several months. She has had several surgeries and been through chemotherapy and is now is Jacksonville for the proton beam radiation at Shands. They're staying at Ronald McDonald House during the week to be closer to the hospitals and they spent the weekend with us here.

I've had a wonderful time with "S" - we went to Chamblin's Bookmine and browsed the 1,000,000,000+ books, ate lunch at Moe's and then went to Whole Foods before Sarah went to have her hair done. We've cooked, chatted, laughed, ate grilled chicken and drank some wine.

Caroline and The Princess have watched movies and giggled and drawn pictures and swung and made silly faces for the webcam, while The Boy took her fishing...

It's been a wonderful couple of days.

Caroline still has a rough road ahead of her, but she is funny, sassy and brave and her mom is fearless and dedicated.  

Please keep Caroline and her family in your prayers.
Families come is all shapes and sizes. Sometimes they are related by blood.

And sometimes they're related by love.

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