Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Ten Things on Tuesday: Random

1. I received a portable scanner for Christmas and finally took it out of the box yesterday. I've been having a lot of fun scanning old photos. I'm hoping to go through some of my many boxes of old photos this week so I can get rid of them or put them in albums.

2.  I worked on my "to do" list and managed to check a few things off. Unfortunately, a few more got added. The last two items are just permanently on there and never, ever, ever seem to get checked off.

3.  We are attempting to put the cats on a bit of a diet since they've gotten so chubby. We're trying to feed them just once per day. They don't like this. They sit and stare at us all day now, hoping to convince us that they are starving to death. It's quite annoying.

4.  I get a secret thrill whenever one of the kid's friends sends me a friend request on facebook. I giggle out loud when the kids tell me that one of their friends thinks I am "cool." I want to say, "You mean I'm cool even though I am the meanest mom in the world and I am the only mom who doesn't allow her kids to do blah, blah, blah and makes them do blah, blah, blah?" Instead, I smile and ask them if they've done their homework. But while I act calm on the outside, on the inside I am dancing a jig!

5.  I'm not really supposed to say anything about the next item, so I'm just sliding it in under the radar. Plus, this way it will count as two items and I am running out of things to say!

6. C has a girlfriend.

7.  The past couple of months I have heard from several old friends - messages, texts, phone calls and visits. For the record, I love it! I love catching up and hearing your voice and hearing all about your life. Call me anytime! 

8.  Also for the record? Getting older sucks. I just DO NOT think it is right that I have to put zit medicine on right after putting on wrinkle cream. I'm just saying...

9.  Since I have now apparently veered into the land of random, errant thoughts   I will tell you that I have been having some very strange dreams the past couple of nights. It's very disconcerting and I wake up feeling exhausted in the morning. I think I need to start having a glass of warm milk before bed!

10. Finally, is it spring yet?

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