Friday, January 21, 2011

Flashback Friday

Today I am really missing my baby boy.

I miss his smile and his infectious giggle.

I miss cuddling with him.

I miss the sweet, uncomplicated child that he was.

I love watching him become a man, even as I yearn for those simple, carefree days when he was more obedient and affectionate.

I love watching him enjoy the simple pleasures of life...

I wish that the path to adulthood didn't have to pass through the treacherous, turbulent and hormonal teenage years.

I wish he could understand that sometimes parents express their love by saying no.

Teenagers are difficult.
Moody and hormonal.
Incredibly frustrating.

Sometimes I wonder which of us will win this battle we seem to be engaged in.

But even as I struggle to accept that my baby boy is growing up, I am amazed at the person I see emerging from the moody teenager. I see a boy/man who is smart, funny, caring and empathetic.

His smile can light up a room.

He is curious and mischievous, original and creative. 

He has an amazing (and original) sense of style.

Although I get frustrated with him and would sometimes like to wring his neck, he is still my sweet boy. I have faith that we will survive these crazy, confusing, hormonal teenage years. Somehow.

We WILL survive this, right?


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