Saturday, January 1, 2011

2011 begins with proof of the existence of Dobby, plus cool fashion tips from The Boy

Happy New Year!

As I mentioned in yesterday's post, we had a quiet New Year's Eve at home. The kids decided to build a fire in the firepit and hang out watching fireworks...

We had Hoppin' John and green beans and potato salad and ham today, and The Princess made a cake. We've been munching and nibbling all day. That was the normal part of the day.


The Boy has this weird thing he does where he pretends to be Dobby the house elf.  It's weird. He thinks it's funny.  Actually, so does The Princess. They crack each other up. But Mr. W and I think it's a bit strange. Anyway, I always try to get pictures of him when he does it, and he always stops doing it when I get the camera out. Sometimes he will even tell me no!
Which, naturally, makes me even more determined to get photographic evidence of his Dobbyism.  

And today I did! 

I caught him by surprise before he could rip the, Dobby
However, I took pity on The Boy and blurred the original photo and allowed him to substitute the drawing of Dobby rather than the, admittedly embarrassing, photo I took earlier.

Apparently, he was quite perturbed that my paparazzi skills so amazingly overcame (ahem) Dobby's evasive manuevers.

Or maybe it was because he KNEW the picture would end up on here.
Even though I substituted the drawing for the photo, I am holding the photograph hostage. The next time my son cops an attitude with me, I'll put it on the blog.

I feel that if one is going to walk around with socks on one's ears impersonating a fictitious house elf, one must be prepared to suffer the consequences.  

Don't you agree?

There is another strange thing my son does. He wears dark socks with topsiders. We've tried to tell him NO, but he insists that this is a cool look.  
What do you think?  Is this a cool look?

Or a nerd look?

I think it's bad enough he does the dark socks with topsiders, but now he is wearing them with athletic shorts and shoes. C'mon, I KNOW this is wrong!

Am I hopelessly out of touch with today's fashions? Is this like the other recent fad of wearing your pants low enough that your boxers show, as seen in the photo above? Or is this, as I believe, a terrible fashion faux pas?

Help me out here - let me know what you think!

And finally, I offer proof that my children have been appropriating the Mom camera without permission.  
Don't judge me based on the condition of his room. I try. I do. Believe it or not, he thinks that is clean. What can I say, he's a teenage boy!

I decided to only share two of the photos which mysteriously appeared on my memory card when I left my camera unattended. The rest were blurry shots of feet and toes and nasal orifices.

You're welcome.

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