Monday, January 24, 2011

Monday musings: The week in review, plus tough love comes to the VK Corral

Last week was quite busy, with a lot of hustling and bustling to and fro...and this week promises to be more of the same. 

In addition to the usual school, Taekwondo, Ballet, and homework, we have...

admired the breathtakingly lovely moon...

Mr. Wonderful and I went to Costco and Whole Foods in a vain attempt to fill the bottomless pit that passes for the teenage boy's stomach.

The Crepe Myrtle trees have been trimmed and the leaves were raked.
The Princess talked her brother into helping her rearrange her bedroom, and then pouted when she realized that her beds would only fit on the one wall where they resided previously.
Then she talked her brother into helping her move everything back the way it was before.

We had family movie night and watched Wall Street (the original). The kids were quite amused by the mobile phone Gordon Gekko uses!

The last of the lemons and oranges were picked from the tree...
And the first of the grapefruit was picked...

We are now inundated with citrus!

The elder child decided that he needed to earn some money, so he printed out flyers and then we went out to deliver them to the neighborhood mailboxes.

I know the pictures are blurry - I was trying to sneak them. He got all dressed up in a tie and jacket. When I asked him why, he explained his reasoning to me by saying that if anyone happened to be out in their yard he wanted to make a good impression.

The Princess has been drawing a lot of pictures.
The Boy has been uber-helpful - emptying the dishwasher without even being asked!
His uber-helpfulness made me a bit suspicious.

I discovered that The Boy has been slacking off a bit with his schoolwork. "Forgetting" to turn in homework assignments and study.

Our response?

He is now living in the dark ages. He is in technology lockdown. He has to (gasp!) use the home telephone to communicate with his friends! He is learning how to live life without his ipod's earbuds plugged into his ears. He is grounded. No, he is GROUNDED! He has lost all privileges. His life will now consist of studying, studying, and studying and lot of family togetherness.

He is not happy with us.

Which doesn't bother us at all. Because frankly, we're not too happy with him right now either.

Teenage boys...good grief.


The Princess is still telling us jokes...
Why did the carrot blush?

Because it saw the salad dressing....


Why can't you hear pteradactyls going to the bathroom?

Because the "P" is silent.

As for moi, I have been steam mopping the floors and doing laundry, cooking and doing laundry, running errands and doing laundry, going through photo albums and doing laundry, scanning pictures and doing laundry.

I do a lot of laundry.

It's just been a thrill a minute around here.
It was a crazy, busy, hectic week filled with drama and silly jokes.

It ended with a beautiful sunset and a peaceful evening. A glass of wine may have been consumed. 

I'll never tell....

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