Monday, June 8, 2009

I am NOT impressed with Lakeside Junior High thus far. You may remember that it has been like pulling teeth to get any information from them....I was finally able to get an answer regarding teacher recommendations for the advanced classes and was directed to come back to register Paige the week of June woke up this morning and gathered my little file folders with the many, many papers I needed (medical forms, class requests, teacher recommendations, copies of birth certificates and SS cards, electric bills for proof of residence, final report card, test scores, etc. etc.) and headed on over to the school. For some reason, I was actually hopeful that the procedure might go smoothly - which apparently just goes to show you what a novice I am at dealing with the public school system!! I arrived to find a skeleton staff (budget cuts) and was handed a packet of MORE papers to fill out and told to come back after July 8th. I'm sure steam started coming out of my ears at that point. I mean, come on!! I was furious - and I'm afraid I told the poor lady who had to deal with me exactly what I thought of their misinformation campaign. Good grief! Ridiculous.

After that, I decided to go ahead and see what happened at the high school. Wow. What a completely different experience - which is truly amazing as both schools are in the same school district! At Fleming Island High School they are professional, friendly and helpful. While I was not able to get Clay registered today because the counselors were busy working on report cards this week - I was able to make an appointment to come back and speak to one regarding Clay's classes and get him registered.

The kids and I then drove to the bookstore to get books for the summer reading list, where I discovered I had left both lists at home. Oops. It was just that kind of a day!!
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