Thursday, June 25, 2009

Yeah, yeah, beautiful sunrise..blah, blah, blah....I would MUCH rather have been sleeping this morning. But since Clay didn't cover his bird, Buddy was outside whistling and carrying on very loudly at the crack of dawn....which woke Gracie up and she started whining and yipping....which, naturally, no one heard but me. Bah.

Clay has been very good the past week or so - trying to keep his room clean, be helpful, etc. Apparently, he can only keep up the good behavior for a limited amount of time because - here we go again! When I walked outside to snap the sunrise picture, I found a bag of grapes laying out by the pool, two towels on the ground out by the bulkhead, and assorted "Clay messes" everywhere...the past day or two he has been sneaking outside and jumping down into the muck and yuck and looking for critters - shrimp, crayfish, minnows etc. Then he comes inside my nice, semi-clean house. Which is no longer clean at this point. By the way, he is not allowed down in the muck and yuck because...this is Florida, we live on the water, and that is where the snakes are!!! But of course, he just thinks we are mean and trying to ruin his life. Ugh. I need a vacation.

Paige adores tennis camp - I think she has found her sport! (Other than ballet, that is) Other than her random hormonal teenage outbursts, she is still my sweet, helpful, daughter. I just try to ignore her snits and she is usually in here apologizing to me within about 5 minutes. Tim calls her "the little hormone". Naturally, I am "the big hormone". He has a way with words, doesn't he?
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